Eight Fun New Ways to Decorate Pumpkins!

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Halloween is fast approaching which means trick-or-treater’s, parties and get-together’s for fun! To up your decoration game, we have compiled eight new out-of-the-box ways to decorate your pumpkins! From fun to elegant, get ready to decorate!

1. Emoji-themed! What better way to decorate and celebrate 2016 than paying homage to the emoji? Plus this craft is super emojieasy and a great way to get the kids involved. Have them pick their favorite emojis and get started. First paint your pumpkin yellow and let dry. Then cut out your facial expressions out of paper and hot glue them onto your pumpkin. Laughing faces for days!

2. Candy themed. This next project is all about the treats! To make a statement, paint your entire pumpkin black and set to dry. Next, take some white paint and write the word “candy”. Draw an arrow underneath to point to the goodies! Feel free to use sticky letters or arrows from a craft store too!

3. Cookie cutter cut outs! Want an easier way to carve your pumpkins? Pick out your favorite cookie cutters and put them to work! Use a rubber mallet to gently pound in the design and voila! A pumpkin to be proud of.

4. Dress up lace. For a grown-up feeling, try adding lace to your pumpkins. This is a touch of class in your decorated home trick or treattthat no one will overlook. Attach ribbon or lace with a few swipes of Mod Podge and let dry.

5. “Scary” pumpkins. Use a black sharpie on a white pumpkin for a message for all of your guests! The wobblier the writing, the better!

6. Prettify your pumpkin! By hollowing out your pumpkin and hiding a vase filled with water; your pumpkin can be transformed into a wow-worthy centerpiece!

7. String it up! A great family project! Have the parent do the nailing for the design and the kids can go crazy with the string! Easy with no mess.

8. Teal for a cause. Turquoise might not be a typical color this Halloween but it is more in-season than you think! Put a teal pumpkin outside your home to signal trick-or-treaters with food allergies that your house provides alternative treats as part of The Teal Pumpkin Project.teal-pumpkinHave fun this Halloween season and decorate your pumpkin to fit your own unique style. Your friends and family will rave about your fresh take on decorating, and you can even help kids out with a teal pumpkin! #ShorewestRealtors #ShorewestFamily #Pumpkin #Halloween

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